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SAP Business Warehouse and HANA. Part one addresses how companies should consider their data management needs when assessing the technologies.

While surfing the net, searching for more information on SAP HANA, SAP BW and a possible merger, I stumbled upon a very interesting article on In this article Ethan Jewett describes the likely paths of BW and HANA and outlines three possible scenarios for their convergence or lack thereof.

Now where BW HANA Stand Now:


Here is the first step, we talk about the very basic concept, For the most part, BW treats HANA behave as a pure database. BW on HANA introduces relatively minor schema changes in InfoCubes and data store objects (DSOs) to optimize performance on HANA. The only truly unique optimization for HANA is in the DSO data activation procedure, which in many scenarios runs completely in-database and not on the BW application server.



Distribution bv Reference Data: 

The Distribution by reference data function is defined is the same way asSap-course

you define the distribution by key planning distribution.

Additionally, you have to You use  Distribution by Reference

Data function type to generate combinations of

characteristics values are distributed by percentage in accordance with the reference data.

Currency Translation:

The Currency Translation planning function type is useful in a scenario where planning is performed in multiple currencies. Currency translation is the process of converting a foreign entity’s functional currency financial

currency-translation-sapstatements to the reporting entity financial statements. FASB Accounting Standards Codification Topic 830, entitled “Foreign Currency Matters,” is comprehensive.

Validation and Saving the Web Template:

Sap-course-in-noida-delhiAfter the web template is designed, you can validate the definition of the web template using the option which is given by on menu. Use the validation option to validate the definition of the web template for consistency in the definition. The other option, validation on the server, validate the web template definition as well as check the consistency with respect to the data provider and other element based on their definition on the server.

At this point, no one can say what will happen. In any of the above scenarios, the result may not be called BW, but I believe SAP will continue to provide the much-needed capabilities of BW in one of these forms. For the moment, SAP users should watch and wait while developing at least some familiarity with both platforms. The process of integrating BW and HANA will be a long one, with many twists and turns along the way.


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