ABAP for SAP HANA refers to all developments which hold the power of SAP HANA within ABAP-based applications, the SAP HANA platform is the primary database underlying the ABAP platform. The introduction of the SAP HANA platform in the ABAP universe has brought evolution to the application programming pattern. On this platform, we can get the best performance of the database by avoiding unnecessary burden to the database.

Future Labs Technology provides ABAP-SAP HANA course in Noida | Delhi | Ghaziabad.

Course Content

Taking ABAP to HAN

  • SAP HANA as Secondary Database – Access via Open SQL
  • Optimize Open SQL Access to SAP HANA
  • Performance Rules and Guidelines for SAP HANA
  • Database Interface
  • Role of the Database for the ABAP Application Server
  • Data Types, ABAP Database Access
  • ABAP Data Dictionary
  • Open SQL
  • Database Views in the ABAP Data Dictionary
  • Database Access via Native SQL
  • Secondary Database Connections
  • Analyzing Database Accesses Using the SQL Trace
  • Statement Transformations
  • Secondary Connections

Access to SAP HANA Using Native SQL and ADBC

  • Open SQL and its Limitations
  • ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC)
  • Native SQL Syntax

Consuming SAP HANA Views in ABAP

  • Working with Views in SAP HANA Studio
  • Consuming SAP HANA Views via Native SQL
  • Accessing SAP HANA Views via External Views in ABAP
  • Dictionary

Calling SAP HANA Database Procedures in ABAP

  • Working With Database Procedures in SAP HANA Studio
  • Calling SAP HANA Procedures in ABAP
  • Calling SAP HANA Procedures via ABAP Database Procedure
  • Proxies

Advanced Topics

  • Full Text Search in SAP HANA
  • ABAP List Viewer (ALV) with Integrated Access to SAP HANA
  • Transport of SAP HANA Objects
  • Working With Database Procedures in SAP HANA Studio
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