SAP CIN , has the right of publishing the operations implemented in business of a specific country .CIN follows the respective country laws and business ethics. SAP CIN has major function in dealing with the Finance & Logistics of the business.

Course Content
  • Understanding different business scenario for Implementation CIN in SAP
  • Running Through the different Business scenario on to the system.
  • Basic Setting
  • Calculation Procedure
  • Pricing Procedure
  • Maintain Excise Registration
  • Maintain Company Code Setting
  • Maintain Plant Setting
  • Maintain Excise Group
  • Maintain Series Group
  • Maintain Excise Duty Indicator
  • Maintain Postal Addresses
  • Determination of Excise Duty
  • Sales Tax Calculation procedure
  • Condition based excise determination
  • Define Tax code for purchasing document
  • Assign Tax code to company code
  • Classify Condition Type
  • Account Determination
  • Define G/L Account For Taxes
  • Specify Excise account per Excise transaction
  • Specify G/L Account per Excise Transaction

Business Transaction

  • Incoming Excise Invoice
  • Maintain Rejection Code
  • Vendor Return Process
  • Excise Cancellation
  • Excise JV Adjustment
  • Adjustment with more and less value

· Specify Which Movement type Involve Excise Invoice

  • Outgoing Excise Invoice
  • Subcontracting Process
  • Import Process
  • Sales Depot Transfer
  • Vendor Trader Procurement
  • Utilization Determination
  • Maintain Excise Register
  • No. ranges maintain
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