SAP CRM is used to implement business processes, and joins the SAP and non-SAP systems .SAP CRM helps an organization to stay connected to customers. Through SAP CRM an organization can achieve customer needs. Through this the customer get regular & actual information which helps in maintaining contact beween the customer and the organization.

Course Content


    • Over view on ERP
    • SAP FICO Basics

General Settings

    • Define Company, Company Code, Credit Control Area, Business Area, Chart of Accounts and Fiscal Year. Assign Company Code to Company, Chart of Accounts and Fiscal Year, Create Tax Procedure and Attach to the Country

Posting Period

    • Define Posting Period Variant
    • Assign Posting Period Variant to company code
    • Define Open and Close Posting periods

Account Group And Retained Earning Account

  • Define Account Group

Field Status Variant

    • Maintain Field Status Variant and association with company code

Tolerance Group

    • Tolerance Group for GL Accounts
    • Tolerance Group for Employees

Reversal of Document

    • Normal Reversal/Individual Reversal
    • Mass Reversal
    • Reversal of the Reversal

Accounts Receivable (AR)

    • Accounts Receivable(AR)
    • Account Group Creation
    • Field Status
    • Assigning No. Range Group to Account Group
    • Tolerance Group for Customers
    • GL Accounts and Customer Master Creations
    • Document Types and No. Ranges
    • Posting Keys
    • Invoice Posting
    • Incoming Payment
    • Clearing Open Items

Customer Credit Memo

    • Correspondence

Accounts Payable (AP)

    • Accounts Payable(AP)
    • Account Group Creation
    • Field Status
    • No. Range Group and No. Ranges
    • Assigning No. Range Group to Account Group
    • Tolerance Group for Vendors
    • GL Accounts and Vendor Master Creations(Bank Accounts)
    • Document Types and No. Ranges
    • Posting Keys
    • Invoice Posting
    • Outgoing Payment
    • Clearing Open Items

Vendor Credit Memo

    • Correspondence

Critical Topics

    • Sales Tax
    • Clearing Outstanding between Customer and Vendor
    • Cash Discount
    • Integration between FI and MM
    • Integration between FI and SD

Asset Accounting (AA)

    • Chart of Depreciation
    • Account Determination
    • Screen Layout
    • Asset Master Creation
    • Asset Class
    • Depreciation Keys etc.
    • Acquisition of Asset
    • Asset Sale
    • Scrapping of an Asset
    • Transfer of Asset


    • Controlling Basic Settings
    • Defining Controlling Area
    • Assigning Controlling Area to Company Codes
    • Defining Number Ranges for Controlling Documents

Cost Element Accounting

    • Creating Cost Element Groups
    • Automatic Creation of Primary and Secondary Cost Elements

Cost Center Accounting

    • Creating Cost Center Hierarchy Key
    • Creating Cost Center Groups
    • Creating Cost Centers
    • Manual Repost Line Items

Profit Center Accounting

    • Creating Profit Center Hierarchy
    • Creating Profit Center Groups
    • Creating Profit Centers
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