SAP EHS ( environment, health, and safety) management software supports the management of safety, industrial hygiene, and occupational health processes. It provides cost-effective solutions to systematically reduce risks and improve worker and process safety.

Course Content


  • Introduction and Concept of ERP
  • Introduction to SAP
  • SAP R/3 Architecture
  • About Team (worked up on SAP) and their role and responsibilities
  •  Type of Projects
  • System Landscape.


  • Project preparation
  •  Blue print
  •  Realization
  • Final Preparation
  • Go Live & Support


  • About SAP Login
  • SAP Sessions
  • About SAP Easy Access and IMG Screen
  •  Features of SAP Navigations

Organizational Structure of an Enterprise in the SAP R/3 System for EHS
Basic Data & Tools

  •  Creation of specifications
  • Specification categories
  • Specification types
  • Creation of Phrase
  • Creation of Phrase sets
  • Creation of Phrase Library
  • Creation of Phrase Groups
  •  Phrase set assignments
  •  Master data match up
  • Value Assignment Types
  • Value assignment categories
  •  Assigning class
  •  Assigning characteristics
  • Material Master creation
  •  DMS Overview

Product Safety

  • Overview of EH&S Product Safety functionality,
  •  Specification database
  • Phrase management
  •  Report Management
  • Report Shipping/Generation
  • Material Assignment

Dangerous Goods Management

  • Configuring Dangerous Goods Management
  • Dangerous Goods basic data and master data
  • Check and documents of Dangerous Goods
  • Filling DG from specification data base

Industrial Hygiene & Safety

  • Management of Work Areas
  • Creation of Risk/Agents
  • Management of Exposure profile and risk
  •  Creation of Accident log
  •  Reporting and evaluation
  •  Safety measures
  • Occupational Health
  •  Creation of Health Surveillance Protocols,
  •  Creation of Medical examinations
  •  Creation of Questionnaires
  • Protocol Assignments to Employees and reporting
  • Waste Management
  •  Waste laws and processes
  •  Legal disposal master data
  •  Legal disposal execution
  •  Internal entry of quantities
  •  Administration
  •  Logistical processing
  • Reporting and evaluation


  •  Disposal of documents
  • Reporting

Integration with MM, PP and QM
Real Time Scenarios

  • Day to Day Tickets resolving
  •  LSMW & BDC (Recording)
  •  Implementation Overview
  • Cutover Strategy
  •  Support and Maintenance Process
  •  Real Project Specific Documentation
  • ASIS
  • GAP Analysis
  • BBP (Business Blue Print)
  • Functional Specification documents
  • Technical specification documents (For Reference)
  • Key Data Structure (KDS)
  • Master Data Templates
  • Configuration Documents
  • User Manuals
  • Test Scripts
  • Transactional Data Templates
  • Cutover Strategy
  •  Important Tables information
  •  Request Transport Process
  •  Significance of SAP Service Market Place
  • Interview Questions
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