SAP EP (Enterprise Portal) enables interaction and collaboration between various applications.Various types of applications can be integrated into the portal and provide for easy communication and exchange of information. The components of the SAP EP make the data understandable to all the applications and make it available in the necessary format for use in different industry verticals.

Course Content


  • Introduction and Concept of ERP
  •  Introduction to SAP
  •  SAP R/3 Architecture
  •  About Team (worked up on SAP) and their role and responsibilities
  •  Type of Projects
  • System Landscape.


  • Project preparation
  • Blue print
  •  Realization
  • Final Preparation
  • Go Live & Support


  • About SAP Login
  •  SAP Sessions
  • About SAP Easy Access and IMG Screen
  •  Features of SAP Navigations

Overview Of EP

  • Overview of Net weaver & EP.
  • Motivation for the portal & Need For the SAP EP

Technical Infrastructure

  • SAP NW Architecture
  • Portal Framework , Portal Runtime, Portal Services
  • Building block Of SAP EP
  •  SAP Enterprise Portal Architecture

END USER Prospective

  •  Portal Login & Navigation
  •  Portal Interface
  •  Users roles & Groups
  •  Super Administration , User Administration , content Administration
  •  Portal Personalization

User Management

  •  Overview & Architecture
  • User Management Engine
  • User Management Tools

Portal Security

  •  Security Concept
  • Introduction of Authentication
  • Authorization Concept
  • Single sign on

Portal Platform Content

  •  Content Object Model
  • Portal Content
  • Portal Content Catalog
  • Portal Content Studio
  •  Object Relations: Delta Links & Copies
  •  Working with iView & Pages
  •  Working with Work Sets & Roles

Knowledge Management & Collaboration

  •  Understanding knowledge Managements
  • Overview of Content Management (CM)
  • Overview of Search & Classification (TREX)
  •  Overview of Collaboration & Unification Overview

EP Development

  • Portal Run time
  •  Internationalization
  •  Portal Object Development
  •  Client Side Eventing – Overview
  •  HTMLB JAVA Overview .

Real Time Scenarios

  • Day to Day Tickets resolving
  •  LSMW & BDC (Recording)
  •  Implementation Overview
  •  Support and Maintenance Process
  •  Real Project Specific Documentation
  •  Important Tables information
  •  Request Transport Process
  • Significance of SAP Service Market Place
  • Interview Questions
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