Why Should I do A Digital Marketing Course in 2023

Why Should I do A Digital Marketing Course in 2023

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world without warning three years ago, it created chaos everywhere. Among other things, the global economy was shaken from its roots, with countless businesses crumbling down within weeks. here are the the top reason

Why Should I do A Digital Marketing Course in 2023


The digital marketing industry was one of the fortunate few that rose to power around this time. Restricted within the confines of their homes, more and more people sought comfort and companionship on the Internet. And the growing crowd on the internet paved the way for digital marketing to become a highly in-demand skill. 

Three years later, this industry surprised everyone with its exponential growth, showing a potentially highly promising future. A large number of youngsters in the country envision their careers in this industry today. If you’re not one of them, we’re here to change your mind. 

Stick with us till the end to find some outstanding answers to an outstanding question: Why should you do a digital marketing course in 2023?

2022 established a solid foundation for the growth of the digital marketing industry

The year 2022 will always be marked as the golden year of digital marketing in India. While we’ve been hearing of it since 2015, it emerged as a highly lucrative career path for the first time in 2022. 

The statistics of internet usage from 2022 display that the growth rate of internet usage in the country, which was just 4% in 2007, grew up to 49% in 2022. With 1.3 billion new internet users, India became the country with the second-largest active internet users last year. 

The mass introduction of people to the internet in India led more and more businesses to see it as a perfect spot to grab the attention of their customers. They started turning towards online marketing, and soon needed an expert mind to build their digital marketing strategy

The appeal of social media also played a key role in this process. In the third quarter of the year alone, 467 million new users joined social media platforms and digital channels. 

As a cumulative outcome, digital marketing – as a part of Internet businesses – was included in the top 3 sectors offering the highest number of jobs in 2022. If that’s not laying a solid foundation, we don’t know what is. 

So, for anyone looking to pursue a career in marketing today, digital marketing would be a wise choice. 

And the best part? You needn’t put a whole in your wallet and get an MBA degree for these jobs. All you need is a decent digital marketing training, which is surprisingly cheaper in comparison to the former. 

Which professions can benefit from a digital marketing course?

So far, we’ve talked about why 2023 would be a good time for freshers to consider building a career in digital marketing. But what about the professionals who are already in other jobs? Would it benefit them to pursue digital marketing course? If it would, how? 

You’d be surprised to find out how many other industries appreciate professionals with a functioning knowledge of the digital world today. We talked to some industry experts, and here’s what they had to say about the value of a digital marketing certification in their workplace:

Business development professionals:

The core task of a company’s business development team is to drive more revenue growth. This generally involves improving upon current products/services, developing new ones, and expanding their market reach. 

However, formulating the right strategy for these also involves research into market analytics. And as the digital area of markets continues to gain more importance, an understanding of digital marketing will only benefit them.

HR professionals:

The concept of online hiring is not a new one; recruitment websites like Monster.com and Jobserve.com have been around since the 1990s. 

Then, Twitter came along in 2006, and within a decade, social media became a hotspot for job searches and recruitment. Today, LinkedIn rules online job recruitment, with other social channels being used for it as well.

Because social media has become integral to recruitment, familiarity with the functioning and algorithms of different platforms could really come in handy to HR professionals today.

Sales and Marketing professionals:

Since digital marketing also falls under the broader umbrella of marketing, it’s only natural for a digital marketing course to benefit sales and marketing professionals the most. 

Entry-level sales and marketing professionals could easily consider making a career switch to digital marketing; they can find much better-paying jobs without the door-to-door responsibilities in the latter. 

Even if you’ve not made up your about the switch, learning the fundamentals of digital marketing will only add to your knowledge; it’s nothing if not an upskill. 

Other internet-based businesses:

Freelancing is another up-and-coming industry in the country that offers a surprising amount of freedom to people; this is a significant appeal for youngsters. 

A majority of services provided by freelancers fall under the umbrella of digital marketing – including content creation, graphic designing, blogging, inbound marketingdigital advertisingsearch engine optimization, and more.

Wondering how? Well, it’s because the end product or service in all these professions serves the purpose of marketing, directly or indirectly. 

So, if you’re associated with any of this, a digital marketing course will not only introduce you to the ins and outs of the digital world, but will also help you build an authentic personal brand and attract the right clients for your business. 


What does the future of digital marketing look like? 

We’ve taken a peak into the recent surge of the digital marketing industry and talked about sectors where its knowledge is highly valued so far. Now, it’s time for us to paint a picture of its future.

What does the future of digital marketing look like? What new trends can we expect to see in the industry? 

While making an absolute prediction can be tricky, experts who have been observing the markets have provided us with some interesting changes that are likely to happen in the next 5 years. 

Check them out below: 

  • The Gen-Z already commands the attention of most online markets, which is why digital marketing trends also revolve around them. As this demographic turns into adults, the tactics that worked on Bloomers and Gen-X won’t work for them; businesses will need to adapt and modify their strategies accordingly. 
  • More and more digital trends will have a global perspective. In this era of interconnectivity, all businesses will benefit from a broader approach to marketing, both in terms of lead generation and building brand authority
  • As the consumer awareness of netizens increases with time, businesses will need to build a more personalized strategy to stand out in the competition and gain their attention. The future target audiences of businesses already know they have options; you must give them a good reason to choose you.
  • As more digital channels are launched every now and then, omnichannel is the future of businesses and personal brands alike. Maintaining an omnipresence online with an integrated core vision will be highly sought-after in the near future. Not to mention how it’ll help businesses analyze customer behavior in a more unified manner. 

This is your sign to enroll in a digital marketing course!

We hope to have convinced you of how investing in a digital marketing course in 2023 can give you the best ROI. Not only does it add to your qualifications, but it will also help in leveraging career growth.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are countless courses out there, some of which are even free. But in the absence of any set standard by the government education system, how would you know which ones are authentic? 

We know it can be a tough choice, which is why we’d like to leave you with our recommendation. Future Labs Technology, an online IT training program with an experience of over 20 years in the business, offers a range of digital marketing programs.

The best part about their programs? One of them is Brand Management Via Digital Marketing wherein the students can tailor their learning in accordance with their requirements; whether you want your program to focus on paid marketing, SEO, social media, or CMS, it’s your call! 

Check out more details about these courses on their website. 

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