SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) is a core module in SAP ERP that allows the management of product and customer data. Organizations use this data to manage all of the sales ordering, shipping, billing, and invoicing of their goods and services.

Course Content

Enterprise structure

    • Basic of document
    • Document types and enterprise structure
    • Definition and assign organizational elements

Master Data

    • Material master record
    • Customer master record
    • Customer material info records
    • Partner functions
    • Defining account groups for partner functions
    • Creating no ranges and assignment


    • Document structure and tables – sales, deliveries, and billing
    • Document types and function – sales, deliveries and billing
    • Document control – document type, item category control and determination schedule line category control and determination

Settings for condition technique

    • Pricing determination
    • Material determination
    • Listing / exclusion
    • Revenue account determination
    • Output determination
    • Tax determination
    • Free goods determination

Other important setting

    • Incompletion procedure
    • Route determination
    • Shipping point determination
    • Delivery scheduling and transportation scheduling
    • Blocking reasons
    • Transfer of requirements

Documents processing

    • Contracts and scheduling agreements
    • Pre – sales processing – inquiry and quotation
    • Order processing – standard order
    • Returns order, returns delivery
    • Consignment
    • Contracts
    • Document grouping and splitting criteria

Advanced topics

    • Inter company business processing
    • Third party order processing
    • Cross company stock transfers
    • Bill of material
    • Individual purchase order
    • Rebate processing

Additional Information

    • ASAP Methodology
    • RICEFW Discussion
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